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Christmas memories on Fort Myers Beach

Posted by Jeanne On December 28th

Walking on Fort Myers Beach on Christmas Day brought bittersweet memories to this beach loving family!

Each year as a child, my family would fly to Southwest Florida and spend two weeks over the Christmas and New Year holidays playing on the beach.  The memories of my parents playing with my brothers and me, as well as enjoying themselves as a couple are priceless.  Little did I know then, how important it is for parents to have time to themselves as well as with their children.  I mean really…isn’t it always just about kids, especially at Christmas?  I can assure you that every moment that I am able to spend with my husband, it is a moment treasured.  This Christmas I saw many young families walking through Times Square, not needing a thing, not shopping, just enjoying the atmosphere that a beach town provides.  While no one is enjoying this economic upheaval, maybe it is teaching us to communicate, not by texting or email but face to face.  Watching a young child mesmerized by the building of a sandcastle cannot be capture over a text message.  You can you tube the chasing of a gecko, but isn’t it better to be right there?  When the dolphins swim so close you can almost touch them, do you want a picture of your daughter’s face or do you want to be there with her.    What memories did you make this Christmas?

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