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You have chosen your date…what next?

Posted by Jeanne On December 28th

Ok, you’ve chosen the date.  What’s next?  Decide how many guests you’d like to attend, and make your guest list.  The Outrigger will then set aside a certain number of rooms based on how many people you think will be coming.  Because it’s a destination wedding, not everyone you invite may be able to attend but they will appreciate being included in your plans.  Since travel plans will be involved, it’s a good idea to send out “Save the Date” cards prior to the actual invitations.  Once you’ve made your guest list, the Outrigger will be happy to send out those cards on your behalf.  All the information they will need to make their hotel reservations will be included, so all they’ll need to do is make the call and book their room.

 Now that the rooms are all squared away, we can get on with planning the details of your day.  You will be provided with a list of cake and filling flavors to make your choice.  Since we have two options of arches for your beach set up, you will be able to view those and see which one will best suit your taste and vision.  We also have the option of adding palm trees or chairs to your package for your set-up.  Flowers will need to be determined, and we can work together to design your bouquet or you can email me photos of your favorite ideas.  The possibilities are almost unlimited.  I’ll keep this all simple for you – you can just make your choices, let me know your decisions, and I’ll take care of all the rest.  I’m also here to answer any questions you may have during these early stages so you never need to wonder about how things will work, or how the flow will go.  You will be able to spend your big day stress-free, just show up looking good and ready to take your vows on our beautiful sandy beach.

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